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Player Info

User: murphy1701
Class: professor
Admin?: No
Level: 96
Next level: 114 days, 00:42:03
Status: Online
Host: [email protected]
Account Created: Sat Aug 29 18:47:37 2015
Last login: Sat Sep 12 07:41:50 2020
Total time idled: 1151 days, 01:09:18
Current position: [381,272]
Alignment: Good
XML: [link]


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amulet: 125 [Dwyn's Storm Magic Amulet]
boots: 271 [Mrquick's Magical Boots of Swiftness]
charm: 37
gloves: 47
helm: 55 [Mattt's Omniscience Grand Crown]
leggings: 26
ring: 67 [Juliet's Glorious Ring of Sparkliness]
shield: 63
tunic: 118 [Res0's Protectorate Plate Mail]
weapon: 77

sum: 886


kick: None
logout: None
mesg: None
nick: None
part: None
quest: 3308 days, 02:58:57
quit: 417 days, 04:28:37

total: 3725 days, 07:27:34

Recent Character Modifiers

[09/19/20 15:09:09] murphy1701 and Mag have not let the iniquities of evil men poison them. Together have they prayed to their god, and it is his light that now shines upon them. 10% of their time is removed from their clocks.
[09/19/20 19:06:02] HeXXy [250/605] has challenged murphy1701 [185/974] in combat and won! 0 days, 19:58:31 is removed from HeXXy's clock.
[09/20/20 01:08:04] SpX21 [317/1121] has challenged murphy1701 [607/974] in combat and lost! 4 days, 09:51:14 is added to SpX21's clock.
[09/20/20 08:40:37] murphy1701 [962/974] has challenged dEaThFaCe [355/995] in combat and won! 28 days, 14:16:44 is removed from murphy1701's clock.
[09/20/20 15:44:03] murphy1701, useless, darkspawn, and WhizzWr have blessed the realm by completing their quest! 25% of their burden is eliminated.

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