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Player Info

User: thejynxed
Class: Neuromancer
Admin?: No
Level: 53
Next level: 2 days, 16:49:02
Status: Offline
Host: [email protected]
Account Created: Wed Nov 29 11:32:30 2006
Last login: Fri Nov 23 18:44:39 2007
Total time idled: 121 days, 15:13:45
Current position: [264,188]
Alignment: Good
XML: [link]


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amulet: 57
boots: 28
charm: 40
gloves: 38
helm: 67 [Mattt's Omniscience Grand Crown]
leggings: 4
ring: 72 [Juliet's Glorious Ring of Sparkliness]
shield: 57
tunic: 47
weapon: 206 [Drdink's Cane of Blind Rage]

sum: 616


kick: None
logout: None
mesg: 1 day, 14:51:01
nick: 0 days, 11:04:02
part: 3 days, 08:15:50
quest: 7 days, 19:46:03
quit: 15 days, 13:24:52

total: 28 days, 19:21:48

Recent Character Modifiers

[11/18/07 03:04:16] Cartman, clever, Hakuna, DeCrypt, tomek, Viperstryker, dinki, sturner16, squishy_bananas, and sn4jp4 [2821/5920] have team battled Psleestak, TommyG, St0L3n, Kez, Darkness, Sociopathic, RealityGone, thejynxed, Gimp, and blerpii [2181/5251] and won! 0 days, 00:19:07 is removed from their clocks.
[11/18/07 08:50:03] thejynxed discovered a secret, underground passage! This wondrous godsend has accelerated them 0 days, 06:15:33 towards level 54.
[11/19/07 16:58:13] D2000 and thejynxed have not let the iniquities of evil men poison them. Together have they prayed to their god, and it is his light that now shines upon them. 5% of their time is removed from their clocks.
[11/20/07 09:36:12] GiraFFi, zEr0, inv3rse, thejynxed, and tomek [992/3640] have team battled iliy, squishy_bananas, KyleL, furre, and K2O [1316/2496] and lost! 0 days, 01:45:08 is added to their clocks.
[11/20/07 21:27:39] OcrosS, K2O, tedrock, Jesus, lightnin, iliy, HiHo, Mayday, sporkydorky, inv4rse, and Lord_Vader [3315/5347] have team battled JWolf, Firon, Numb3rs, DarthSly, f4te, inv3rse, lupine, jthuward, beeplogic, thejynxed, and ttommi [1436/5989] and won! 0 days, 00:23:08 is removed from their clocks.

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