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Player Info

User: unqjack
Class: with no info
Admin?: No
Level: 44
Next level: 0 days, 12:01:14
Status: Offline
Host: [email protected]
Account Created: Thu Jan 30 19:20:42 2014
Last login: Fri May 2 08:03:24 2014
Total time idled: 34 days, 08:36:07
Current position: [301,247]
Alignment: Good
XML: [link]


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amulet: 34
boots: 31
charm: 40
gloves: 42
helm: 57
leggings: 19
ring: 39
shield: 42
tunic: 43
weapon: 49

sum: 396


kick: None
logout: None
mesg: None
nick: None
part: None
quest: 0 days, 10:08:15
quit: 0 days, 06:46:41

total: 0 days, 16:54:56

Recent Character Modifiers

[05/04/14 11:12:31] dfx and unqjack have not let the iniquities of evil men poison them. Together have they prayed to their god, and it is his light that now shines upon them. 9% of their time is removed from their clocks.
[05/05/14 19:20:56] SpookyLady, Phoenix, jetuser, void4work, OcrosS, Doctor-Byte, lupine, and Muzak [2304/5050] have team battled Maximilian, Sandman, Shadowss, unqjack, RUHE, Patamon, Gargamel, and TorrentialStorm [934/4581] and won! 1 day, 22:57:16 is removed from their clocks.
[05/05/14 23:24:57] void4ever [745/875] has challenged unqjack [61/521] in combat and won! 1 day, 20:49:09 is removed from void4ever's clock.
[05/05/14 23:24:57] In the fierce battle, unqjack dropped his level 112 amulet! void4ever picks it up, tossing his old level 34 amulet to unqjack.
[05/06/14 00:35:04] dfx, Chreddy, oskyldig, zepski, TorrentialStorm, medusa, and clever [4057/6286] have team battled Sandman, unqjack, Maximilian, RUHE, Muzak, WWEntity, and Mooddragon [2037/4365] and won! 0 days, 22:17:23 is removed from their clocks.

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